Tuesday, November 15, 2016

21 Years Old Me: A Teenage-Like Dream

I grew in the family who always support me. I can say that my family is the harmonic family I ever have. It is my best gift I received. Nothing can show me the truly love likes what they have shown to me since I was being here. I am the second child of three siblings in my family. I have the older sister and the younger brother. My sister has passed her education since 2009. She was also an English department student of Universitas Bengkulu. She was one of the best graduated students with the highest academic index score. Because of that, she inspires me a lots to be better than her.  Now, she is working as the employer of Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Negara (BTPN) in Argamakmur, Bengkulu. My brother is an elementary school student. He is eleven years old. He is a cute boy. He loves playing playstation so much. He always gets being the top ten ranked position in his class. Now, he is preparing himself to face the final examination. He really wants to enter the most favorite Junior High School in Bengkulu, the same school which is also I came into, SMP NEGERI 1 KOTA BENGKULU. It makes us be proud of him. He is very smart boy. Hopefully, he can be a good person in his future as what my parents expect.

Education is a virtue in my family. My father is a lecturer in Universitas Bengkulu. He has graduated his Doctoral degree since August 2009. My mother is working in BKKBN (Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional) of Bengkulu Province. My parents teach me how we can share each other. They always expect their children to be useful in a community. I really understand what they expect. So, I don’t want to waste my time just for doing something which is unimportant in my life. I always try to challenge any upcoming opportunities in my life, because it will make me become a better person. Despite the fact that my father is a lecturer at the same university where I’m studying now, I never thought about taking advantage of this particular situation. Instead, I push myself to prove that I am independently good in academic skill by taking a scholarship program (PPA), a scholarship program that is given to Unib’s best student. It is an honor to help my parents from paying my fees, it also makes me feel that I am totally responsible to my future and my parents can count on me. Fortunately, now, I can be one of the students who become a scholarship achiever of PPA scholarship. What I am doing right now is also for showing to others that all students wherever they come, they can reach what they have to reach if it must be reached and if they are capable to reach it. I don’t want there is someone says that I can get the scholarship because of my father. I want something pure honest for my education and my life.

Now, I am 21 years old. It shows that I should be mature enough to manage whole of my life destinations. I have to start to prepare my future life. I don’t want to make my family be disappointed of me. I want to give my best to them and I want to do what they expect. I just think that what I have done until now is not enough. I have to do further. That is what I am for, making them happy, making them be proud. I’ll never want to see them effort a lots for me. For instance, if I want to buy something that I need, I will try to collect money first by myself then I will buy it. If it is not too necessary, I will think first to buy it because I really appreciate my parent’s effort finding money for me. Moreover, I will be more proud if I can give them money from what I carry on. It is time for me to give a special something for my family more than just what I have done right now. I will prove that as possible as I can. 

By having a great family that always teaches me how to be tough in every time I life, how to be a wise person in a community, how to manage the time, how to keep relationship to others, and how to effort what I really want by myself, all kind of that things make me be brief to follow many competitions to prove to them that I can be what like they really want. I want to show that what they have taught is very precious for me. I am seventh semester now. I should be more focus than before. But it doesn’t mean that I can waste the opportunity to follow the useful program that offers me something special to encourage my study. I really want to reach the achievement relates to my study and my passion. I believe this is the right time to show up. Hopefully, the best will I get. Thanks for my parents, my family, for all supports until now. All what you give to me are very useful and it can create me as an autonomous person.

Tulisan ini adalah tulisan saya tahun 2012, sewaktu diminta untuk menceritakan tentang diri dalam program pertukaran pemuda di tempat kelahiran saya, Bengkulu. Meskipun pada waktu itu belum beruntung, tetapi kesan selama proses seleksi masih akan dan terus terngiang. Tulisan ini adalah salah satu kenangan indah yang tertinggal. :) 

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